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  • Phone1-802-233-9974
  • Address475 Kittridge Road. Newport Center VT 05857
  • Open HoursMonday–Friday... 7:am to 5:pm

All Seasons's Seamless Rain Gutters, Inc. Installs Quality Rain Gutters Throughout Northern & Central Vermont

LeafProof® Is The Most Advanced Gutter Protection System You Can Have Installed

Protect your roof and prevent water damage with LEAFPROOF®. This innovative product ensures that your roofs edge is fully enclosed, leaving no room for birds, small animals, leaves, or other debris to penetrate. With its aesthetically low profile, LeafProof® seamlessly matches your gutters and roofline, enhancing the overall curb appeal of your home or busienss structure. LeafProof® also provides added protection against potential damage caused by ice and snow. Invest in LeafProof® today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof is fully protected.

LeafProof® - A Multi-Patented Advanced Gutter Protection System

Why Choose LeafProof®?

🍁 LeafProof® is installed nationwide by more contractors than all other premium gutter protection products combined.

🍁 LeafProof® eliminates the hazard of climbing ladders and cleaning gutters.

🍁 LeafProof® provides prevents water damage to your gutters, fascia, siding and foundation by preventing your gutters from getting clogged with debris and overflowing.

🍁 Leafproof® is a multi-patented product that fits your existing gutters, is installed under the first row of roof shingles, can handle ANY downpour, blends with your gutters and roofline.

🍁 Best of all, LeafProof® is made right here in America.


  • Screens: Small ¼-inch water channel opening leaves gutters virtually impenetrable. Made of sturdy .024-gauge aluminum
  • Vinyl: Sturdy .024 aluminum will deter damage from critters. Endcaps prevent small animals and birds from entering and nesting. Offers a lifetime, non-pro-rated transferable warranty on finish.
  • Domed: Installed under the first row of shingles. Attaches to your existing gutter. Does not use screws or nails in the roof.
  • Combinations: Complete enclosure (including premade end caps) prevents penetration by birds and small animals. Aesthetically low profile matches your gutters and roofline for enhanced curb appeal. LeafProof® also helps prevent damage from ice and snow.

Other Types Of Rain Gutters

Screens: Easily clogged with small twigs, leaves and debris. Will cave in from snow and ice buildup.
Vinyl: Squirrels and small birds can chew through the vinyl and build nests. Exposure to the elements can warp and crack vinyl over time.
Domed: Installed under the second row of shingles which results in an unsightly profile. Most are screwed or nailed into the roof which could lead to potential leaks.
Combinations: Most have a gap where birds and small animals may enter and build nests. Product not installed under shingles leaves the roof edge exposed and creates potential for water damage.


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